Are you planning your trip to Kyoto just to visit the famous shrines and temples?

Well you’re missing out! In addition to its rich cultural heritage, Kyoto offers beautiful natural scenery, and is home to some amazing wildlife.

Our nature guides will introduce you to the wonders of Kyoto’s natural environment, which changes dramatically every season.

Our Tours

Kamo River Night Walks

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Available period
April 1st – October 30th, 2019

In this tour, we will walk along the banks and wade through the shallow areas of the river after sunset, when the animals are easiest to observe. 
You will learn about the biology of the animals, as well as conservation and invasive species issues that threaten the local wildlife. 

Field Herping Tour

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Available period
April 15th – September 15th, 2019

Japan has a very rich and unique ecosystem associated with temperate forest and rice fields. 
Reptiles such as snakes and lizards, and amphibians such as frogs and newts are abundant in these environments, most of which are only found in Japan. 
We will take you to our favorite herping site, where you can learn about the biology of the animals, how to identify, catch and photograph them! 

Birding in Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

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Available period
September 1st-July 31st, 2019

Kyoto Gyoen National Garden is a popular birding spot, with up to 30 avian species including residents and those that migrate from the continent.

Each season has different types of birds. Let’s find the birds with our expert guides!

Mt. Daimonji Night Hikes

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Available period
Anytime of the year

Enjoy a relaxed night walk up Mt. Daimonji. 

We will provide you with flashlights and our specialist staff will guide you to see wild deer, interesting insects, and other creatures. A short hike will take you to the top of the mountain, where you will have an astonishing night view of Kyoto City!