Our Guides

Welcome to Kyoto! My name is Saaya and I am the president of KYOTO NATURE TOURS. I grew up camping in the woods as a little girl, and had a great passion for wildlife ever since. I coordinate various tours, with help from many nature lovers and field experts. My all time favorite creature is the Japanese giant salamander.
Saaya Takemoto
Momo loves outdoor activities and wild animals more than anything else! She has enjoyed mountaineering, skiing, horseback riding since her childhood. After living abroad for some time, she is now enthusiastically studying about Japan’s rural ecosystem. She is eager to introduce the beauty of wildlife that is right next to where we live.
Momo Inoue
Ryobu is an enthusiastic biology student at Kyoto University, who has a vast knowledge of all sorts of wild creatures. He is a young but experienced herpetologist, who has participated in field expeditions in many countries including Thailand, Malaysia, and Ecuador.
Ryobu Fukuyama
Kanta is a 22-year-old biology student at Kyoto University, who specializes in herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians. He travels around the world in search of exotic wildlife. He will give you expert information about the small creatures you will find in the beautiful rice fields and forests of Kyoto.
Kanta Fujishima
Naoya is an experienced bird watcher who has been fond of urban wildlife since he was a little boy. He started bird watching in his teens, and now he collaborates with the Wild Bird Society of Japan, travel agencies and outdoor clothing companies. He also participates in bird tagging surveys. He was a zookeeper at the Oriental white stork park in Hyogo.
Naoya Kuge
Masami is a biology student at Kyoto University, who is a specialist with a lot of wild bird knowledge. He began observing birds at the age of ten. His hobbies are shooting birds, cycling, playing tennis and sleeping.
Kiko Masami
Ayano is an experienced bird watcher. She played in rice fields and rivers, and at home played with parakeets and birds in her childhood. Since she moved to Kyoto, she has been healed every day by watching small natural creatures in the city. Her hobbies are trekking and singing.
Ayano Terada